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Python Profilers

The following table lists many popular and actively maintained Python Profilers. This page will be updated in the future with more information about the different profilers, and most of them will also get their own posts with a more detailed analysis later.

Profiler Link Time Mem Viz Type Other
cProfile instrumenting Viz via SnakeViz or Tuna
py-spy sampling
memray instrumenting
Scalene sampling also GPU time
Austin sampling can also be used with pprof
pyinstrument sampling
line_profiler instrumenting
Fil instrumenting
Guppy3 instrumenting
Yappi instrumenting
Palanteer instrumenting also supports C++
vprof sampling
VizTracer instrumenting
sciagraph sampling proprietary profiler


  • Pyroscope is a continuous profiling platform with a Python client , currently merging with Grafana Phlare.
  • Memory Profiler is a sampling memory profiler, but not actively maintained anymore.
  • Pyflame , an archived sampling time profiler.